Supporting Fair Working Wage

Fashion retailers have suspended the label Boohoo from their websites as a result of the revelation that Boohoo don’t pay their factory workers the minimum wage, in fact reportedly £3.50 hour. So glad this is in the public domain for discussion. Driving prices down with unfair working practises is not a good thing for manufacturing in the UK and makes it difficult if not impossible for other fashion manufacturers, who value their employees,to gain work.Fortunately ‘Labour Behind the Label’ led by Dominique Muller are drawing attention to this and fight for the workers in these sweatshops here in the UK. Here at Elizabeth Martin Tweed, we know who makes our clothes in Scotland. We pay more in labour cost but that is a price worth paying to know that the people making our garments are treated with respect and dignity. Our fabrics are sourced from heritage Mills as are our buttons and linings.It may be that we have to pay a bit more for our garments but the reward is knowing that we are supporting fair working wages for the people that make our clothes.