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Elizabeth Martin is passionate about all things British. Each and every detail in her garments is British made, which is why we want to take a moment to focus on John England’s Irish Linen.

Sustainability is becoming more and more prominent in fashion today and Elizabeth
understands this and takes it into consideration when designing her collections.

We’re Using John England for Sustainability

Elizabeth is now going to be working with John England & Fergusons, who shares her love for
sustainable design, comfort, durability and above all style that doesn’t compromise on taking
care of the planet. At the core of this partnership is a faith in high quality natural fibres, woven
with the ecosystem and sustainability in mind, contributing to our quality and responsible design
and manufacturing operations model.

The staff proudly say, “John England & Fergusons design and make sustainable planet friendly
fabrics and products that support, enhance, bring pleasure and are affordable to everyday life or
in other words in a way that makes sense to the people who live on our planet.” We can’t agree
with this more.

Bringing Sustainability to the Fashion Forefront

We’re particularly excited to be using their gorgeous Irish Linen. The material is made from
European ethically sourced, flax plant fibres, meaning they can biodegrade easily. It’s actually
the most biodegradable of all the fashion fabrics that are available to us. The benefits of this
fabric aren’t just for the planet though. It performs well at high temperatures making it the go to
fashion fabric for travellers and explorers everywhere. The material wicks perspiration away
from the skin like sportswear does. What’s more is that it does it without harbouring bacterias.
The benefits of sportswear but the look of high fashion? Yes please.

At the very core of this fabric is Flax. It takes just 100 days from planting to pulling and it takes
13 less pesticides to create this raw material. It requires far less water than cotton to grow and
because it’s earth friendly absolutely nothing is wasted. This is a stark difference to the
devastating impact that fast fashion fabrics have on our planet.

Let’s talk some more about the place that this fabric is produced and how it differs to other
factories. John England and Ferguson’s factory is powered by wood pellets that are reclaimed
from used wood chips and sawdust, a far cry away from fossil fuel powered factories. They don’t
heat infrequently used areas and have an upgraded sensor system for their heating meaning
they only use what is totally necessary. Hot water is heated on demand instead of being stored,
all their lighting is eco friendly LED, and every element of waste they produce is either recycled
or donated to other causes.

Why Are We Using John England?

So why does all this matter? It matters to Elizabeth Martin because in the UK alone an
estimated 300,000 tonnes of fashion waste goes straight into landfill each year and this is after
a very wasteful process of production. We are directly combatting fast fashion by creating
timeless garments you’ll love and cherish for many years. But for us that isn’t quite enough.
Every detail of the garment you receive from us is British Made and sustainable. We want
sustainability to run through every aspect of the garment’s design so that you can own a piece
of her clothing knowing that the very best care has been taken to preserve our environment.
Gorgeous clothing, without the guilt.

If you want to learn more about our supplier, please click here to learn more!

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